Sunday, September 30, 2012

Customize Your Clothes Book Review

During a recent browse for new sewing/craft books I came across Customize Your Clothes: A Head-to-Toe Guide to Reinventing Your Wardrobe by Rain Blanken. The title caught my eye, I'm always interested in customizing and reinventing what I already own or in some cases buying something inexpensive and making it unique. Included in this book, among other things, how-to embellish, screen print and bleach items. This book gives a complete supply list and step-by-step tutorials on how to use different techniques to customize not only clothing by accessories as well. As some of the techniques are new to me, I appreciate how well everything is explained in detail with pictures so I can verify what I am doing is correct.

Chapter 2 is my favorite showing how to use bleach, something I never thought of using to create unique items. The focus of the chapter is showing how to bleach a design on a shirt and scarf using a stencil, and bleaching a more precise design on a bag using a bleach pen. At the end of the chapter, a gallery of items are displayed that have had a design bleached into them include a bag, something that I am very interested in trying. The completed projects are inspiring, as are the rest of the techniques throughout the book.

If you like to make Christmas gifts I recommend checking this book out. I'm considering making canvas bags and bleaching a design on them, such as a cat silhouette for my mom, maybe a shoe silhouette for one of my fashionista friends, but first I want to make one for myself with the design of one of my favorite creatures, a seahorse.

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  1. Hi Lisa! I just now came across your post. I'm Rain Blanken, author of The Complete Guide to Customizing Your Clothes. I'm so glad that you liked the book! If you ever need help with any of the tutorials within, just feel free to ask! My new site is at and I'm still the DIY Fashion expert over at Have a great day! -Rain